Proud to help my local Scout Group

Running a business means we don’t get a lot of time to give back. We all get busy !! It’s hard to stop when the phone keeps going, LCA audits ūüėę or a client wants a report, yesterday ūüėÖ. I’ve…

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Complying with BSRIA BG/2: Balancing and Commissioning of Water Systems

Are your water systems as safe, energy and carbon efficient as they should be? What is balancing of a water system? In order for a water system to run as effectively as possible, while being as safe, energy and carbon…

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A quick treatment guide to closed water systems

Closed heating and cooling systems   Closed heating and cooling systems are susceptible to three primary issues: microbiological fouling (biofouling), corrosion and scale. Biofouling or the build-up of a variety of bacteria within a closed water system can not only…

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Water safety is a must, not a luxury

Damning report on Yorkshire care home   An inspection of a care home in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, found that residents were at risk of Legionnaires’ disease due to serious issues with the water system. Legionnaires’ disease is a life threatening…

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Legionella is not a risk worth taking

Where there is a water system,¬†there is risk Windsor barracks: Killer in the showers Hundreds of soldiers were found to be at risk of Legionnaires’ disease in July this year when Legionella was discovered in showers at a barracks of…

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Ever heard of Pseudomonas?

Introducing Pseudomonas infection…   When it comes to waterborne diseases, of course the risk of Legionnaires’ disease is high on the list of concerns. However, that¬†is not the only risk that comes with water systems. Pseudomonas is another bacteria that…

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Jo Malone

The people behind Water Compliance Services: Jo Malone

Meet Jo Malone: Making our business tick   Everybody knows that the admin staff within most businesses are the people who really run the show. Meet Jo Malone, an Office Manager at WCS! Not only is she super sharp with…

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Stoke-on-Trent firm JTF fined ¬£1m for Legionnaires’ deaths

Legionella in a hot tub   The hot tub sales firm, JTF, was¬†fined ¬£1m in July this year following the deaths of two men from Legionnaires’ disease. Twenty others were also taken ill with the disease. The outbreak was caused…

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A killer in our midst: Legionella death from a gardening hose!

People¬†commonly link Legionella to large buildings   We often report on the risk of Legionnaires’ disease from large cooling towers and the water systems of public buildings such as hospitals, schools and hotels.¬†While Legionella bacteria is often present harmlessly in…

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Gloucester Royal Hospital

Legionella case studies: Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

A patient “may have acquired” Legionnaires’ disease at hospital   A patient at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital may have become infected with Legionnaires’ disease while attending the hospital’s dialysis unit. Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said the patient “may have acquired”…

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