Ever heard of Pseudomonas?

Introducing Pseudomonas infection…


When it comes to waterborne diseases, of course the risk of Legionnaires’ disease is high on the list of concerns. However, that is not the only risk that comes with water systems.

Pseudomonas is another bacteria that can be present in water. It is considered an opportunistic bacteria – i.e. it tends to only affect people who already have a weakened immunity because they are ill. Like Legionella, the threat does not arise from drinking Pseudomonas. Although it can attack the lungs, blood, eyes or ears, one of the commonest points of entry is through the skin.

Where skin is broken because of bed sores or severe acne for example, Pseudomonas can gain a hold.

We dealt with a case of Pseudomonas at a hall of residence. In a tall housing block, mains water enters a tank at the base of the building where it is pumped at high pressure to ensure it effectively reaches every room of the residence.

Silt and sediment builds up in the tank but can also get elsewhere in the water system. This is the usual source of Pseudomonas bacteria.

Infection through the skin – acne

Water Compliance Solutions were called to a particular hall of residence where a young man, suffering from acne, had fallen victim to a Pseudonomas infection. Our team went to the residence and attempted to do a thorough clean of the system, starting with the tank.

Access issues

Some of the rooms in the residence could not be accessed for thorough cleaning of the water system.

After the cleaning had been carried out, the same man suffered from further Pseudomonas infection.

Cleaning must be thorough

We returned to the building and this time we were able to access all rooms, testing and disinfecting all parts of the system. This process allowed us to identify where exactly the problem was coming from and eradicate it from the system. This time the man did not suffer from Pseudomonas reinfection.

The take away from this particular case study is that Legionella is not the only concern when it comes to water compliance.

Pseudomonas is more of a risk for those who are already ill and this is a problem since some of the largest water systems can be found in hospitals.

The only way to be totally free of risk is to ensure that every nook and cranny of a water system is regularly inspected, monitored and cleaned.

Here’s what a dirty tank looks like…

And here’s the same tank after it’s been cleaned…

Better safe than sorry

Water Compliance Solutions Ltd has the expertise to assess risks including such as Pseudomonas and Legionella and helps organisations up and down the country. Our team can also remedy any Health and Safety breaches to ensure you are compliant with regulations and totally safe from risk.

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