RPZ Valve Installation & Testing



RPZ (reduced pressure zone) valves are fitted in potable water systems to prevent backflow of the mains water supplies. If RPZ valves are not fitted and there is a sudden lowering of pressure in the water system, it can cause the water to flow in the opposite direction, sucking contaminated water back into the drinking water supply. It is a regulatory requirement that RPZ valves are tested annually.

An RPZ Valve provides backflow protection and therefore prevents drinking water from becoming contaminated. They are used in a wide variety of facilities including:

  • schools
  • commercial dishwashers
  • car washing
  • food processing areas
  • launderettes

To ensure maximum protection, safety and security for water systems we only fit RPZ valves that are certified to Fluid Category 4 standard (as defined by WRAS). Their definition is “Fluid which represents a significant health hazard because of the concentration of toxic substances, including any fluid which contains chemical, carcinogenic substances or pesticides (including insecticides an herbicides), or Environmental organisms of potential health significance.

WRAS – Water Regulations Advisory Scheme