Proportional Dosing Units

Proportional Dosing UnitsProportional dosing units are a simple and effective item of plant which can provide controlled dosing of chemical to a specific items of machinery / plant. Proportional Dosing Units ( PDU’s ) utilise the pulse generated by water meters to send a signal to the dosing pumps to pimp chemical into the supply line to the item of plant required.

Our PDU’s have been installed and fitted on many items of plant such as closed water systems, injection moulding systems, process cooling systems etc.

Our skilled team of engineers can install and set up the PDU’s with minimal disruption to site. We work closely with site engineers and electricians to ensure the PDU is installed in a safe environment and situated exactly where the client requires the unit for ease of electrical wiring  in / dosing line installation etc.

Please contact WCS, and ask to speak to one of our water treatment specialists on how we can help you and your company save on costs whilst ensuring that you remain safe and compliant.