Widow’s plea over Legionnaires’ warning on compost bags

BBC News: Widow's plea over Legionnaire's warning on compost bags

Legionella is a potential killer at anytime of the year. But gardeners and retailers need to take special care in summer months when compost becomes a potential hazard.

The widow of the first Scot to contract Legionnaires’ disease from compost has made an emotional plea for stronger warning labels on bags.

Margaret Murphy’s husband Andrew died in 2014 from leukaemia. His immune system was left badly weakened after he got Legionnaire’s from compost in 2008.

She said stronger warning labels could avoid more cases of the infection.

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What the story illustrates is just how widespread and varied the risk from Legionella is. This is particularly the case for the kind of water systems that are used in large buildings such as schools and hospitals.

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