Water System Upgrades/Plumbing

Shortheath Nursery newly installed unvented cylinder

Changes of use in part or all of your site could expose your water system and appliances to different regulatory requirements. If so, you’re duty-bound to make the necessary adjustments.

We make life much easier for you by proactively identifying any such issues. Whether it’s a small adjustment to a single tap or a more substantial problem, we’ll report back to you and put it right.

Compliance can cut your costs!
For example, say your offices were formerly used as domestic apartments. The legionella risk assessment might well reveal that your existing water system is oversized for its present use and lower water demand. This spare capacity can create the perfect environment for bacterial growth as the water sits unused and stagnates. WCS can resolve your overcapacity problem and provide a far more efficient system that not only cuts the legionella risk but also gives you significant savings on operational and maintenance costs.

Call us today to find out how we can ensure your water compliance is simple and pain-free!