Water Tank / System Clean & Disinfection

Water Tank / System disinfection / chlorination performed by Water Compliance Solutions

Mains disinfection procedure


A water system is only as clean as its tank

Even a fully risk assessed, monitored and disinfected water tank / system remains open to contamination from bacteria such as Legionella. Debris, spores and bacteria that accumulate as sediment and biofilms in water tanks can contaminate the rest of the water system.

Our skilled engineers will thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the system (including outlet points), leaving it pure, clean and safe. You will receive a comprehensive report including independent and fully accredited sample analysis, ‘before and after’ photographic evidence and full certification.

Take a look at the pre and post clean and disinfection photos as the bottom of this page. They illustrate perfectly just how important it is to clean and disinfect the tank.

Cleaned, monitored and managed to the highest standards

When completing cleans and disinfections we follow and comply with the most appropriate and most important British Standard in relation to water use, BS 8558:2011. This means you can be confident that your site’s water systems are cleaned, monitored and managed to the highest standards.

Book a water tank / system clean and disinfection

If it has been a while since you’ve inspected your water tank then you should consider a water system clean and disinfection that includes a tank clean.

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